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The island of Skopelos has two ports – the port of Glossa ( Loutraki) and the port of Skopelos town.

Arriving from the port of Skopelos.

(Our hotel is exactly 12,2 Km from the port. For your convenience, you can adjust the car counter.)

1. As you exit the port of Skopelos, you will see a children’s playground. Turn left. You are now on the main road of Skopelos town.


2. After about 300 meters you will arrive at a crossroad. Turn to the right (indication sign – Periphery Road) and continue on the main road.

3. After about 400m, just past the Health Centre, there is a second cross road. Follow the left road – towards Panormos as the signs indicate.

4. After about 200m, there is another small crossroad. Again go left towards Panormos.

5. After about 1 km, one can see the Skopelos mine on the right.

6. After 2,6 km – past the Helicopter Pad sign- there is a big downhill rid,e leading to yet another crossroad. Turn right towards Panormos.

7. After 6,4 km – having gone past Alikia (1,9km), Ditropo (1,6km), Mortero (100m), Loutsa (1,4km) – you will find yourself, in the sea side village of Panormos. The beach is spread out on your left. 8. After the end of Panormos, at 600m on your left, you will see the stone wall entrance to the Adrina Beach Hotel.

Welcome to our Hotel!!

Arriving from the port of Glossa.

(The Hotel is exactly 15 km from the port of Loutraki, Glossa.)

1. As you exit the port of Glossa, after about 300m., one sees a roundabout.

2. Across the roundabout – at about 50 meters – there is a road which starts between two cafeterias. This is the beginning of the main road and you will stay on, it all the way to the hotel! 3. After about 3 km. of uphill, spiraling you will reach a concourse. There will be a church on your left. Here you go right to stay on the main road.

4. After 6 km. of driving, you pass the village of Palio Klima, then Elios and, after another 2km. , Milia.

5. This is where the Adrines area begins. You are soon to see a sign.

6. You will pass the Adrina Resort & Spa and after 150 meters, past the sing you will see the hotel’s stone wall. Turn right to enter.

Welcome to the Adrina Beach Hotel !!!



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