Since 1992 the Rodopoulos family has always strived to offer quality, carefree and safe holidays to all those who visit the Adrina hotels. Our commitment to the health of our visitors is our priority. That is why we are implementing new ways in the operation of our hotels regarding sanitation and housekeeping and the hygiene of the food departments. We are also taking every measure to implement all rules for social distancing with the main goal of the safety of our guests.

COVID-19 Update 14-12-2020

Welcome back!

The Adrina family is ready to welcome you to a safe summer 2021 without any compromises on the quality of our services.

All will be in place, in order to keep your health and safety top of mind.

Some of our services and facilities will be modified due to guidelines and health and safety procedures. We are currently working on the next day, monitoring the latest developments, following government restrictions and recommendations, in order to provide the safest accommodation to you.

We will continue to update this page in order to present the most up-to-date information available.

Although this new Adrina experience might look different, we will continue to deliver the same personalized service for which we are known.

Your Safe Summer Stories under the sun of Skopelos can’t wait.


COVID-19 Update 30-9-2020

 …end of season….

 642 Arrivals

2425 Guests

4874 Overnights

22033 Meals served


Thank you all for your trust and support!!

See you all again next year!!

Until then… have a good winter and stay safe!!!


COVID-19 Update 28-6-2020

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how our country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

COVID-19 Update 27-6-2020


According to the National Public Health Organisation, fever is one of the most common symptoms of covid-19. In order to protect the visitors’ health, as well as our employees, we will apply intact thermometer. Visitors will be thermometered upon arrival and every morning when they enter the breakfast area. Staff will be also thermometered daily before the shift.


COVID-19 Update 26-6-2020

The disinfection of the rooms before the arrival of the customers will be done based on the health protocols. As an additional method of protection, disinfection of Adrina rooms with Ozone 03 will be applied. More information on this method can be found at the links below.

A first application will be made immediately after the visitor check-out for the hotel and a second one after cleaning and disinfecting the room. All disinfection, both outdoor and indoor, will be done with certified Ecolab cleaners / disinfectants. The outdoor areas of the rooms will be disinfected using special Sany Air blowers. Each room will be sealed after completing its preparation to welcome the next visitor.

We will welcome you in a comfortable and hygienically safe environment. Rodopoulos family


COVID-19 Update 16-6-2020

Faced with the new conditions due to Sars-CoV-2, we are moving the opening of our hotels to July 1, 2020, taking into account all health protocols for hotels and applying all new security measures.

The main measures are:



Check out will take place at 11.00 am, while the check in is transferred to 16.00 pm, so that the rooms can be thoroughly cleaned. In case there is no arrival in the same room on the day of departure, the checkout can take place at 12 p.m.
Checking-in can also be completed electronically, from your computer or mobile phone, with the aim of keeping you in the reception area for the shortest time. The possibility of checking in in an outdoor area is being considered.



All non-essential items such as magazines, leaflets, laundry bags, bathrobes, decorative pillows, blankets will be removed from the rooms. Air conditioners in all rooms are autonomous units and are not part of the central air conditioning. All units have been maintained, disinfected and will be disinfected after each departure.
It is recommended by health protocols that housekeeping doesn’t clean the room every day during one’s stay to limit any personnel contact with visitors. It is also recommended to change sheets and towels only at the request of the visitor as opposed to daily.



A disinfection team is set up to sanitize the rooms after each departure. The rooms are meticulously cleaned so that every visitor can find a safe, clean environment. As an extra precaution of reliability, the team seals the room after cleaning, placing a special tape on the door of the room that will indicate to visitors that no one had access to their room after the disinfection was completed.



At the Adrina Beach Hotel, a separate, isolated space is created in case of a COVID-19 patient in case the person with symptoms cannot be transferred to the Skopelos Health Center. We are waiting for information from the authorities for the reference hotels of our island.




Breakfast Restaurants

The buffets in the breakfast rooms are kept absolutely safe. Disinfection of the hands is mandatory upon entry. At the Adrina Beach Hotel, breakfast is served in a place that helps maintain health protocols. If necessary, the opening hours will be extended. Security measures will be increased, and must be observed by both employees and guests. There is a possibility that for the month of July and September there will be a common breakfast area for the guests of both our hotels.


The buffet rooms in the breakfast areas in both hotels will not be open and all breakfast orders will be served at the tables. Disinfection of the hands is mandatory upon entry. If necessary, the opening hours will be extended. Security measures will be increased, and must be observed by both employees and guests. There is a possibility that for the months of July and September both hotel guests will use a common breakfast area.



For the summer of 2020, two of the a la carte restaurants are open throughout the day, namely the Adrina Beach Restaurant and the Adrina Resort & Spa Lunch Restaurant. The Adrina Beach Restaurant serves as a central dinner restaurant for both hotels. For this reason, an extension of the terrace of the restaurant of the Adrina Beach was constructed in order to observe the prescribed distances.

An 100 meter path easily connects the Adrina Resort & Spa with the Adrina Beach’s main restaurant. Club cars are available to transport guests from both hotels to and from the restaurant throughout the day.
The evening restaurant of the Adrina Resort & Spa will not be open. Instead, the lunch restaurant of the Adrina Resort & Spa remains open, which will offer limited options of salads and main course dishes for adults and children.
Finally, the Pool Bar of the Adrina Resort & Spa will remain closed and guests will be served by the restaurant just a few meters away from the pool area.



On the beach the placement of umbrellas and sunbeds will strictly follow all health protocols and distances. Each deckchair will be disinfected after the visitor leaves. Visitors will be asked to remove all their personal items as they leave the beach.



Disinfectants are available at every stop on the cable car and in the cabin so that guests can disinfect their hands after using the elevator knobs. It is recommended to use the elevator by one family at a time. The air conditioning and ventilation of the chamber have been modified so that only fresh air enters the chamber during operation and the recirculation of the air of the chamber is prevented.



We have installed a new ground floor gym near the beach stop of the Adrina Resort & Spa elevator. Use of the gym will only be allowed by two people at a time or more if it is a family. There is a possibility the gym will be closed during the day for disinfection and ventilation.



The main swimming pools of both hotels operate with seawater that is recycled non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every 7 days the main pools will be drained and cleaned with high pressure water machines.
The procedures required for the private pools of the Adrina Resort & Spa hotel’s villas will fully comply with instructions given by the health authorities.



We would like to point out that for this summer 2020, despite that the hotels will be open, Spa Services and Kid’s Club services will not be offered for your safety.

Τhere will not be any kids club service. The area will be open only as a playground and all children must be supervised by their parents at all times.


Thank you for your preference and trust in us all these years.

The Rodopoulos family


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